About Us
What is RiffReader?
RiffReader is a cutting edge R.S.V.P reading application and information processor.
What is R.S.V.P?
R.S.V.P, or Rapid Serial Visual Presentation is a revolutionary reading technique that has not only been seen to improve reading speed, but also greatly increases reading comprehension and stamina. By displaying content a single word at a time, at a speed faster than normal reading, R.S.V.P allows drastically more content to be understood in a very short time compared with normal reading.
What does RiffReader do?
RiffReader.com is just one phase of the RiffReader program. By partnering with National Public Radio (NPR), RiffReader pulls the top news stories of the day and makes them accessible and readily available to users wishing to catch up on current events, without wasting precious time.
What else can RiffReader do?
Through development, we plan on implementing RiffReader into many more facets of digital reading. The technology behind RiffReader is already being adapted to multiple formats including:
  • Mobile
  • Embedded API
  • Standalone Software